Board of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Permit Instructions

Instructions for Acquiring a Permit

  • A Caterer's Permit authorizes a beverage dispensary licensee to sell or dispense alcoholic beverages at an event held off the holder's licensed premises. (permit fee $50.00)
  • A Restaurant Caterer's Dinner Permit authorizes a restaurant or eating place licensee to sell or dispense beer and wine before and during service of food provided by the licensee at a designated location for a banquet or dinner held off the holder's licensed premises. (application fee $50.00)
  • A Special Events Permit authorizes a nonprofit fraternal civic or patriotic organization active for at least two years before application and incorporated under AS 10.20 to sell or dispense beer and wine for specific events during a limited period of time. (permit fee - $50.00 per day)

All permits must be approved by law enforcement prior to submittal to The ABC Board. If the event location is within the boundaries of a city the local police department must approve the permit. If the event location is outside city limits The Alaska State Troopers must approve the permit. Please note although Girdwood is within the Municipality of Anchorage the Troopers have jurisdiction over events in Girdwood.

An area at the site will be designated and secured for the dispensing of any type of alcohol.

Security of the "wet" premises will be the responsibility of the licensee who caters the event or of the applicant to whom a Special Events Permit is issued.

Any person observed to be giving or selling intoxicating liquor, including beer and wine, to a person under the age of 21 or to an intoxicated person, may be cited under AS 04.16.030, AS 04.16.040, AS 04.16.045, AS 04.16.051, AS 04.16.052, AS 04.16.060.

It will be the responsibility of the licensee who obtains the permit to provide adequate security for the storage of any alcoholic beverages which are stored for the purpose of selling or dispensing on the premises or grounds where the event is taking place.

All federal, state, and local health and environmental laws and regulations must be strictly adhered to.

A legible drawing of the premises where alcoholic beverages are to be sold, served, and consumed must be Included on the application form.

The permit holder is responsible for insuring that patrons do not remove alcoholic beverages from the designated premises.

Persons under the age of 21 may not enter or remain on the designated premises of a Catering Permit or Special Events Permit unless accompanied by their parents, legal guardian, or adult spouse.

Depending on the event to be catered and if the applicant licensee has been granted a restaurant designation under 3 AAC 304.125 by the board OR access by persons under 16 years of age or between 16 and 21 years of age to premises designated for a Restaurant Caterer's Dinner Permit is prohibited by the nature of the catered event or unless authorized by a restaurant designation granted to the applicant/licensee by the board under 3 AAC 304.125 persons between 16 and 21 may enter and remain for the purpose of dining only.