Promoting a healthy economy and strong communities.


Strengthen rural communities

  • Increase the capacity of local government to effectively provide essential public services by providing communities training and onsite technical assistance.
  • Enhance the availability and quality of basic local government services by providing financial assistance that supplements local revenue generation (State Revenue Sharing, Safe Communities, shared State Fisheries Business Tax, shared Federal National Forest Receipts, Federal Payment-in-Lieu-of-Taxes).
  • Promote local economic development by providing technical and financial support for community infrastructure critical to economic development and small business startup.
  • Provide assistance, through coordinated response projects, to communities experiencing sudden economic dislocation as a result of major economic disruptions.
  • Improve the safety and cost effectiveness of energy sources for power generation and heating in rural Alaska by constructing and repairing bulk fuel storage facilities.
  • Protect the State's investments in rural electric power systems through training of the local operators and administrators, and by providing technical and financial assistance to prevent disasters.

Work with rural communities and the private sector in creating new jobs for Alaskans.

  • Ensure that residents of small rural communities in western Alaska get the maximum benefits from their participation in the Community Development Quota (CDQ) program, a fisheries development initiative.
  • Partner with other state agencies, private businesses, ANCSA corporations, tribes, and local governments to identify and develop opportunities for rural, regional and local economic development.
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between Alaska exporters and potential customers through business intelligence services and trade practice assistance.
  • Develop and implement targeted tourism programs and identify and assist in developing new tourism opportunities to expand Alaska's tourist season and increase visits to rural Alaska.
  • Encourage new international and domestic air carriers to use Alaska as a passenger and freight delivery point.
  • Help restore the financial health of the Alaska salmon industry by implementing recommendations from the Governor's Salmon Forums and the Salmon Cabinet work plan.
  • Increase the use of Alaska's highways and roads by independent visitors.
  • Work with the Governor's Jobs Cabinet in seeking solutions and strategies for improving the economic climate in rural Alaska.

Marketing Alaska-Sell Alaska's goods and services throughout the world.

  • Raise national and international awareness of Alaska as a tourist destination and increase the consumption of Alaska seafood products through generic and targeted marketing.
  • Organize and conduct business trade missions to expand product sales in current markets and develop new markets.
  • Participate in special promotions and presentations, trade shows and seminars to raise the visibility of Alaska as a good place to do business.
  • Continue the Governor's Business Opportunities Program under which the Governor, Commissioner and other Alaskans visit corporate boardrooms to solicit investment in Alaska.
  • Make information on Alaska's economy, goods and services, investment opportunities, and departmental databases available on the Internet.
  • Expand the public's ability to obtain department services through the Internet.

Maintain a fair and consistent business regulatory environment in the state.

  • Expedite the conversion of Alaska's telecommunications industry from a monopoly-based to a competitive, market-based industry structure, while guaranteeing universal access to service.
  • Assist businesses and consumers by placing the database of licensed professionals, corporations, and insurance carriers on the Internet, including information about disciplinary actions.
  • Create simple, self-explanatory securities, corporations, insurance, and occupational licensing applications and forms available on the Internet to reduce requests for staff assistance.


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