File a consumer complaint online: Print a complaint form to send by mail.

Consumer Complaint Guidelines

What the Alaska Division of Insurance Can Do For You:

  • Protect you by enforcing Alaska's insurance laws
  • Provide you with consumer information
  • Investigate your complaints against companies or agents

Types of Complaints include:

  • Sales/Policyholder Services
  • Claim Delays/Denials/Unsatisfactory Settlements
  • Premium Rates/Refunds
  • Other Insurance-Related Disputes
  • Cancellation/Non-Renewals

Types of Insurance involved include:

  • Life
  • Worker's Comp
  • Fire/Homeowners
  • Health
  • Annuity
  • Business
  • Disability
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Other Types of Insurance
  • Auto
  • Credit

What the Division of Insurance cannot do for you:

  • Give you legal advice, act as your lawyer or interfere in a pending lawsuit
  • Recommend one insurance company or agent over another
  • Decide disputes based on who is negligent or at fault
  • Determine the facts surrounding a claim (that is who might be telling the
    truth in a matter when accounts of that matter differ)
  • Resolve a complaint if the only evidence is your word against the word of others

What should I send with my complaint form?

  • Documentation may be sent by postal mail or electronically.
  • Letters you have written to the company or agent dealing with the problem
  • Letters you have received from the company or agent
  • Other letters written about the problem, that is, from your doctor or lawyer
  • A copy of your policy or the excerpt from your benefits handbook that covers the situation
  • Relevant sales literature or worksheets
  • For a Health complaint, your insurance ID card (copied front and back) if possible
  • The claim you filed, if applicable

  • NOTE: Documentation supporting your complaint must be received by the Division
    within 10 days after the complaint is filed. Lack of documentation will cause your complaint to be closed.

What happens after the Division receives my complaint?

  • 1.Within two weeks of filing, you should receive an acknowledgement letter stating:
    • your file number
    • the name of the consumer service specialist assigned to investigate your complaint
  • 2.The Division will send a copy of your complaint to the company or other appropriate party and ask for an explanation of their position.
  • 3.Your specialist will review all responses received to assure the problem has been properly addressed. This may result in more letters or phone calls between the examiner and the company or other parties.
  • 4.Your specialist will send you a letter with the investigation results
    • if no evidence of a violation is found, the specialist will so advise and explain why the investigation is being closed
    • if your specialist is not satisfied with the company's response, the investigation will continue

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File a consumer complaint online: Print a complaint form to send by mail.