Continuing Education Requirements

New Regulations Effective January 1, 2014

Licensees are responsible for verifying that any course completed after 1/1/14,  claimed for continuing education credit has been filed and approved by our office. 

CE regulations effective January 1, 2014: Register 208, January 2014


Licensees will be able to access the NAIC's State Based Systems (SBS) online services for Alaska to find courses, track credits earned, and check CE compliance status.

Reporting Credits Earned

The CE Reporting Form will not be used for credits earned after January 1, 2014. Credits will be reported by the provider offering the course. Licensees will be able to verify their credit hours through SBS.

Course Providers

Alaska will change to a pre-approval system to identify qualifying CE courses.
Review Course Provider Filing Requirements to learn how to become a CE provider, apply for course approval, and use SBS Provider Services.

Regulations Effective through December 31, 2013


  • 3AAC 23.140(2) was changed, effective, December 28, 2008, to allow a licensee to repeat a continuing education course, seminar, or program of instruction for credit, as long as the course, seminar, or program of instruction is not taken within the same license renewal period.
  • 3 AAC 23.100(a) was changed, effective July 25, 2008, to eliminate any continuing education requirements for persons holding a limited lines title, bail bond, or credit producer license. However, if a person holds both a limited lines and a producer license, the person must complete the continuing education requirement to renew the producer license.
  • 3 AAC 23.100(b) was amended, effective January 1, 2009 to require any person renewing an insurance license who is subject to the 24 continuing education credit hour requirement must have taken and reported at least three hours of business insurance ethics training as part of the continuing education credit hour requirement before the expiration date of the license.

CE Bulletins

CE Reporting Form (only for credits earned prior to January 1, 2014)