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Navigators and Agents/Brokers

You can purchase health insurance through the marketplace, through an agent or broker, or directly from an insurance company. Federal subsidies based on income are only available for plans purchased through the marketplace.


People and organizations available to assist you are sometimes referred to as navigators.

Community health centers across Alaska can help you navigate the marketplace. Check this list of designated health centers for a location near you.

Or contact these organizations implementing navigator programs for Alaska:

United Way of Anchorage

701 W. 8th Avenue, Suite 230
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
Dial 2-1-1 or 800-478-2221

Alaska Primary Care Association
903 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 200
Anchorage AK 99503
T: (907) 929-2722


You can also learn about insurance options, find plans, get insurance advice, and purchase health insurance through an agent or broker. Agents and brokers may sell plans from both inside and outside the marketplace. The compensation that agents and brokers receive from one insurance company or for one plan, compared to another company or plan, may influence them to promote certain plans more than others.

List of Alaska Health Insurance Agents and Brokers - Individual Producers (pdf)
List of Alaska Health Insurance Agents and Brokers - Businesses (pdf)
These lists were updated on 1/29/15.

List of Marketplace Web-Brokers - updated 3/10/14
Web Brokers covering Alaska that have signed agreements to sell plans in the federal Marketplace.

Training and Licensing for Navigators and Agents/Brokers
The navigator program and the marketplace are run by the federal government. Currently Alaska does not require any additional training or certification for Alaska navigators beyond what is required by the federal government.

Any person selling, soliciting, or negotiating a health insurance policy for an Alaska resident must hold an active Alaska producer license for health authority. Alaska health insurance agents and brokers helping consumers enroll through the marketplace website must also meet federal ACA training requirements.

For more on ACA requirements for agents and brokers, see Agent/Broker Guidance and Agent/Broker Resources.