Minerals Development

Alaska Mineral Industry 2009 Powerpoint Presentation

The original presentation was sponsored by a partnership between the Alaska Miners Association (AMA) and the State of Alaska, Department of Community and Economic Development (Commerce). The current presentation has been upgraded to reflect current (2006/07) data and conditions. The presentation is designed to be both promotional and educational.

The Alaska Minerals industry PowerPoint presentation includes a considerable number of slides with information regarding the industry in a global context, infrastructure, Alaskan geology, it’s mineral belts, land status, selected mining operations, exploration activities, placer mining, economic impacts of the industry, mineral education facilities, permitting, State sponsored production/exploration incentives, the Federal and State government’s role in assisting the minerals industry in Alaska, and industry related non-profit groups.

Recommendations for use include;

  • promoting the minerals industry,
  • educating the public,
  • corporate internal use for exploration project generation,
  • and for use in speaking engagements with:
    • Political groups – the Legislature, local governments,
    • Civic groups – e.g., Rotary and Chamber of Commerce,
    • Educational groups – high schools and junior highs.
    • Trade shows – e.g., Cordilleran Roundup, AMA Biennial Convention.

The presentation should be viewed as a large database that can be scaled down to make a 30-minute presentation that highlights the subject matter you desire or in which individuals slides can be cut and pasted into other presentations as necessary. Please use the presentation as you see fit, however it is the request of the sponsors that individual slides not be changed to reflect information other than that stated without prior consent from the AMA or Commerce.

Additional disk copies can only be acquired by request from the Alaska Miners Association or the State of Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development.

We hope this helps you to further enhance your knowledge about the Alaska minerals industry! For more information please contact:

  • Alaska Miners Association
  • Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development
    907-451-3050 or 907-465-5463

For more information regarding the Alaska Minerals Industry, emai Rich Hughes, Minerals Development Specialist, at rich.hughes@alaska.gov