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How Do I Learn About Available Opportunities?

Mix and Match the Possibilities Below:

Contact One of Alaska’s AmeriCorps* State Programs and Discuss the Possibilities:

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Other AmeriCorps Opportunities:

Visit, create an account, and explore the AmeriCorps possibilities nationwide.

Why Should I Become an AmeriCorps Member?

Every day, tens of thousands of AmeriCorps members across the country change their communities, and change their lives, by doing good. Whatever your interest, there's an AmeriCorps program that needs you; your skills, your heart, your hands!

Are You Up to the Challenge?

You Give:

  • Your time and skills.
  • Your commitment to helping change lives.
  • Your courage and determination to make your world a better place.

You Gain:

  • The satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference skills and experience.
  • An education award to be used for future education or to repay student loans*
  • Other benefits. A living stipend, health insurance, student loan deferral, and child care expenses may also be available to you. Look here for more details

* $5,550.00 for a year of full-time service. Correspondingly lesser awards for less than full-time service.

Your world, your chance to make it better!