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Population Adjustment

The Director determines funding for Municipalities eligible to receive state revenues for a fiscal year based on their estimated population established by the state demographer. If a Municipality believes its population estimate does not reflect its permanent resident population as of July 1, 2012, the Municipality has until April 1, 2013 to request an adjustment to the estimated population sent by the director. The communities can select either the housing unit method or the head count method to conduct the estimate. Municipalities with population less than 1,000 must use the head count census and those with population of greater than 1,000 may use either method.

Summary of Population Determination for Adjustment Requests Received

7 June 2013

Name of Community DOL Estimate   DCRA Determination Population Determination Letter
Atka 59   64 Atka Determination Letter
Big Salt No Estimate (1) 27 Big Salt Determination Letter
False Pass 26   39 False Pass Determination Letter
Gold Sand Acres No Estimate (1) 70 Gold Sand Acres Determination Letter
Metlakatla Indian Community 1,463   1,463 Metlakatla Determination Letter
Nenana 408   428 Nenana Determination Letter
Nunam Iqua 185   206 Nunam Iqua Determination Letter
Nunapitchuk 549   563 Nunapitchuk Determination Letter
Point Baker 16 (1) 26 Point Baker Determination Letter
Shishmaref 580   605 Shishmaref Determination Letter
Stebbins 566   566 Stebbins Determination Letter
Elfin Cove 20 (1) 39 Elfin Cove Determination Letter


(1) These communities either did not have an estimate from the State Demographer or had a population of less than 25. Therefore, DCRA considered their requests and made a determination.

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