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Kenai Peninsula Borough Risk MAP Study

The Kenai Peninsula Borough was selected for a Risk MAP Study in Federal Fiscal Year 2011. The Risk MAP Discovery process began in early 2011.

On March 2, 2011, representatives from the State of Alaska, FEMA Region 10, and FEMA’s contractor, Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction (STARR) met with representatives from the Kenai Peninsula Borough for a Risk MAP Discovery Meeting to discuss flood hazard mapping, mitigation planning, and communication needs for the Kenai Peninsula Borough. During the Discovery Meeting, representatives from the Kenai Peninsula Borough and its local governments identified desired hazard study areas.  The outcome of the Borough’s Risk MAP Discovery process is a coastal physical map revision resulting in a Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) project for coastal Kenai Peninsula Borough.

The scope of the DFIRM project includes the mapping of approximately 28 miles of shoreline in Kenai Peninsula Borough utilizing new storm surge modeling and overland wave height analyses and adding floodway to approximately 15 miles of riverine flooding sources.  The DFIRM project is in the early stages of production.  The coastal hazard analysis is nearing completion and the floodways have been incorporated in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Centers River Analysis System (HEC- RAS) Models for the riverine flooding sources.  The table below shows estimated project milestones dates.

Activity Actual or Projected Date
Coastal Analysis March/April 2013*
DFIRM Preliminary Date November 2014*
Issue Letter of Final Determination October 2015*
DFIRM Effective Date October 2015*

*All projected dates are subject to revision as the project progresses.

After the coastal analysis is complete, the information will be transferred to work maps that will be presented to the local governments within the Kenai Peninsula Borough for review and comment.  Additional information regarding the presentation of these work maps will be forthcoming.

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