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City of Homer

The City of Homer was selected for a Risk MAP project in Federal Fiscal Year 2011 as part of a Risk MAP study of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

City of Homer Risk MAP Discovery Documents
City of Homer Revised Preliminary Flood Insurance Study Documents

Risk MAP provides local governments with information and tools to enhance local mitigation plans, improve community outreach, and increase local resilience to flooding and other natural hazards. The “Discovery” process is the first part of a Risk MAP project. During Discovery, information is gathered about local hazard risk; mitigation plans are reviewed to understand local mitigation capabilities, hazard risk assessments, and current or future mitigation activities; and information is collected from communities about their natural hazard history, development plans, daily operations, and land management activities. The information gathered is used to determine which areas of the jurisdiction require mapping, risk assessment, or mitigation planning assistance through a Risk MAP project. Assistance is also provided to the local government to develop a vision and strategy for future hazard resilience.

Discovery Interview

The Risk MAP Discovery process began in Homer in Early February 2011, when a Discovery interview was conducted with the local floodplain administrator. During the interview, previously collected data was reviewed and “Areas and Points of Concern” (mapping needs, desired mitigation projects, etc.) were identified based on local knowledge and an analysis of the data shown on the map.

Discovery Meeting

In early March 2011, a watershed-wide Risk MAP Discovery meeting for the Kenai Peninsula Borough was held in Soldotna. At the time of the Discovery Meeting, a detailed Physical Map Revision study of the Homer Spit had been initiated as part of the Risk Map Program.

During the Discovery process, a Velocity (VE) Zone study of the Homer coastal area was identified as a priority mapping need. During the Discovery Interview process, the City of Homer indicated several non-developed private properties along the spit that may be acquired as part of a future mitigation project to reduce future flood risk, as these properties are in the VE zone.

Flood Study Review Meeting

On July 26, 2012, FEMA held an open house at Homer City Hall to present the draft FIRMs and answer questions on how the map changes would affect property owners on the Homer Spit.

The following table shows the status and milestones of the City of Homer's updated DFIRMS:

DFIRM Preliminary Date

August 19, 2011

Revised DFIRM Preliminary Date

April 20, 2012

Flood Study Review Meeting

July 26, 2012

90-day Appeal Period Start Date

October 3, 2012

90-day Appeal Period End Date

January 1, 2013

Issue Letter of Final Determination

May 6, 2013*

DFIRM Effective Date

November 6, 2013*

*All projected dates are subject to revision as the project progresses.

Homer Spit Revision (FEMA Region X Workspace)  FEMA Region X Risk MAP Newsletters

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