Newtok Planning Group

Community Power/Alternative Energy

Four-Year Action Plan for Energy at Mertarvik

Energy facilities at Mertarvik are expected to develop with each phase of the relocation process.  In Phase 2: Upagluteng (Pioneering), when the population of Mertarvik is between 25 to 100 people, wood stoves and individual house generators are likely to provide the primary sources of energy.  In Phase 3: Nass’paluteng (Transition),  when the population has grown to 100 people or more, larger-scale demonstration projects might test promising alternative technologies such as wind energy as agencies explore sustainable solutions for basic energy services.  A traditional tank farm is likely to be planned for, which will be supplemented by alternative energy.  In Phase 4: Piciurlluni (Final Stage), when the population at Mertarvik is 350 people or more, community-wide enrgy systems, both for alternative and traditional energy sources are likely to be established.  The Mertarvik Strategic Management Plan has identified the following objectives and priority actions for energy development at Mertarvik. 


  • Have an energy efficient community; maximize renewables
  • Have reliable and well maintained energy systems

Priority Actions

  1. Finalize strategy for pioneering energy needs.
  2. As part of the site planning process, choose locations for fuel storage and a diesel generator that allow use of waste heat for commercial buildings.
  3. Investigate renewable and low cost energy solutions.
  4. Seek funding to leverage vendor and engineering resources to  design, install and demonstrate new, sustainable approaches to  energy generation and conservation.

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