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Alaska Climate Change Impact Mitigation Program

The Alaska Climate Change Impact Mitigation Program (ACCIMP) was established by Alaska's Twenty-Fifth Legislature to address the immediate planning needs of communities imminently threatened by the impacts of climate-related natural hazards such as erosion, flooding, storm surge, and thawing permafrost.

The ACCIMP seeks to create safe, healthy and sustainable communities by increasing community resilience to climate-related natural hazards.

The ACCIMP is implemented through a two-step process:

  1. HAZARD IMPACT ASSESSMENTS are conducted to identify and define the hazard impacts in the community, to assess how those hazards impact the community, and to develop recommendations for how the community might best mitigate those hazard impacts; and
  2. COMMUNITY PLANNING GRANTS allow communities to carry out one or more or the recommendations from the Hazard Impact Assessment.

ACCIMP Program Documents and Links

Newtok Planning Group Website

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