Office of the State Assessor

Information About Alaska's Taxing Jurisdictions and Municipal Taxation

The Office of the State Assessor annually compiles and publishes Alaska Taxable, a document that presents a wide range of assessment and taxation information for Alaskan municipalities. Below is the entire Alaska Taxable 2014 publication, as well as frequently requested tables with varying tax information and historical copies of Alaska Taxable.

Alaska Taxable Database

Note: The following documents marked with must be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a copy of this application free here.  Alaska Taxable historical copies can be viewed back to 1962 by making a selection from the drop-down box. 

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Alaska Taxing Jurisdictions
Table 01: Municipal Class, Population and Property Tax Levies
Table 02: Borough Sales Taxes, Special Taxes and Revenues
Table 02: Cities' Sales Taxes, Special Taxes and Revenues
Table 03: Local, Oil & Gas Property Tax Revenues
Table 03A: Per-Capita Tax Revenues
Table 06A: Real Property Breakdown by Use Category
Table 06B: Summary of Optional Exemption Values
Table 07C: Summary of Locally Assessed Values vs Full Value Determination
Table 12: Real Property Assessment Staff Statistics
Table 14B: Senior Citizen & Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption
Table 19: Population, Valuation, and G.O. Bonded Debt