Real Estate Commission

Applicants & Licensees

License Reinstatement

All real estate licenses expire on January 31 of even-numbered years regardless of when first issued, except new licenses issued within 90 days of the expiration date will be issued to the next biennium. If you have not renewed by January 31, 2014 you must reinstate your license.

To reinstate a lapsed license you are required to submit:

  • A completed Application to Change License Status, #08-4076
  • A certificate(s) of completion of 20 hours of continuing education for the 2012-2014 licensing period
  • The fee of $680.00 ($430.00 license and recovery fund fee, $250.00 reinstatement fee)
  • For license numbers 18479 and higher, the fee is at a prorated rate of $480.00 ($230.00 prorated licensing fee and recovery fund fee, $250.00 reinstatement fee)

Application to Change License Status #08-4076, Revised 05/08/14.