Nurse Aide Registry

Certification of nurse aides and maintenance of the nurse aide abuse registry are responsibilities of the Board of Nursing. The board also makes final certification decisions and takes disciplinary action against nurse aides who violate the law. The Nurse Aide Registry Program is staffed by the Division of Corporations, Business, and Professional Licensing.

Certification Information


  • $50.00 Nonrefundable Application Fee
  • $100.00 Certification Fee
  • $60.00 Fingerprint Processing Fee
  • $50.00 Examination Fee, plus $5.00 if taking the exam orally

Applications for Certification

Renewal Applications


Applicants must submit fingerprint cards and pay a fingerprinting processing fee of $60.00. Certificates will not be issued without the results of a state and federal background check. Temporary permits will not be issued unless an applicant has submitted the required fingerprint cards and processing fee.

  • Request Fingerprint Cards
    The fingerprint card FD 258 is available at many locations. You do not have to obtain the card from the Board of Nursing. Go to a business or law enforcement office that provides fingerprinting services and ask if they have form FD 258. No other card is acceptable. However, if you need us to send you a fingerprint card, click the above link to request it. The card will be sent by mail. Applicants must use the card provided by the Board of Nursing or form FD-258 (available in many U.S. cities) to have your fingerprints taken. Submit the completed fingerprint card with your application. All applications will be considered incomplete until a completed card is submitted.
  • Pearson Vue
    Click on the above link to download or view a copy of the Candidate Handbook and Practice Exam Packet from Promissor Testing Services. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents.
  • Nurse Aide Abuse Registry

Contact Information

Vacant, Licensing Examiner
(907) 269-8161
(907) 269-8196 (fax)
550 W. 7th Avenue., Suite 1500
Anchorage, AK 99501-3567

Statutes and Regulations

Alaska Statutes are passed by the legislature. Regulations (also called the Alaska Administrative Code) are rules adopted by the board to implement, interpret, and make specific the statutes. Both statutes and regulations have the force of law.

AS 08.68 and regulations 12 AAC 44 specifically govern the practice of nursing and certified nurse aides. AS 08.01 - 08.03 and regulations 12 AAC 02 apply to all professions regulated by the division.

Proposed regulations are advertised in Alaska newspapers and we invite public comment on them. If you would like to receive notice of proposed regulations, please write to the regulations specialist and request that your name be added to the Board of Nursing interested parties list. Please advise us if you move or wish your name removed from the mailing list.