Board of Pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I find Applications, Forms and Instructions?

Applications for Initial License, License Renewals, Reinstatement of Lapsed License, Collaborative Practice, Change in PIC/Pharmacy Manager and Self Inspections are accessible via our Applications and Forms webpage.

Forms for Change of Name, Change of Address, Verification of License, Duplicate License Request, Credit Card Payment and Exemption from SSN Requirements are located under “Important Links” on the Professional Licensing home page.

How can a pharmacy and/or pharmacists provide Anticoagulants, Immunizations and Emergency Contraception for their patients?

This is accomplished via a board-approved Collaborative Practice Plan. See Forms and Instructions, above.

How do I get a "Certified True Copy" of a document?

To obtain a Certified True Copy, take the original document and a photocopy to a notary public so he/she may compare the original to the photocopy of the document. Either the applicant or the notary must write, "I certify this to be a true copy of the original document" on the photocopy and attest to that fact by signing the document and having it notarized.

Our facility is going to have a Change of Location, Change of Name, Change of Ownership. What are we required to do?

In all of these cases, the facility needs to acquire a new license and new license number. This is done by completing the appropriate application.

Does the class I took apply toward my Continuing Education Requirements?

The Continuing Education Requirements for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are in the regulations, sections 12 AAC 52.320 through 12 AAC 52.350. Copies of these regulations are included with your license. It is not feasible to completely list all the criteria here. However, please be aware of the following items:

  • ACPE-approved courses for Pharmacy Technicians end in the letter “T”. ACPE-approved courses pharmacists (only) end in the letter “P”. Courses ending in the letter “P” cannot be used to meet pharmacy technician CE requirements.
  • All required courses need to be completed prior to the expiration date on your license, currently June 30, 2012.
  • If you do not meet your CE obligation and you are selected for random audit, you may be in violation of your licensing requirements. Violations (of any kind) are part of your permanent and public licensing record.
What should I do if I have a Conviction, but still want to apply for a license?

Carefully read the instructions in this section of the application. It will instruct you to submit a letter of self explanation and a copy of the legal/court/board documents addressing the conviction. When your application is complete, it will be forwarded to Investigations for review. It will then be reviewed by a quorum of Board of Pharmacy members who will make the final licensing decision.

Where can I find information on dispensing authority?
What are the licensing requirements for Durable Medical Equipment vendors?

All DME vendors must have an Alaska Business License. If you also ship prescription medications directly to Alaska residents (vs. shipping to a facility), you are also required to be licensed by the Board of Pharmacy.

Can I Fax or Scan an application document?

No. Any document that is notarized or has a board seal cannot be faxed or scanned. Submit documents via the postal mail.

How do I download a List of Licensees from your database?
  1. Go to the homepage for Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing.
  2. Choose the Professional Licensing Box.
  3. Under Important Links, select Download List of License Holders
  4. Select Pharmacy from the drop down list of professions & hit continue.
  5. Make the selection you want from Step 2 and Step 3
  6. Enter the email address to send the information in Step 4 AND choose Get Count and email the Data OR Give me a Count
We are an Out of State Wholesaler. What are our licensing requirements in Alaska?

Currently Alaska does not require an Out of State Wholesaler to be licensed by the Board of Pharmacy. You may, however, need an Alaska business license as well as being compliant with the regulations of your home jurisdiction. Please contact the Business Licensing Section to determine if you need a business license.

Where can I get answers to my Pharmacist Licensing Application Questions?

The most commonly asked questions for those applying for an Alaska Pharmacist License are answered by the Guide to Obtaining an Alaska Pharmacist License. Please refer to this first, then contact the Board of Pharmacy for further inquiries.

What does the Division require from Preceptors?

The following items will assure you are in compliance with regulations regarding internships and result in a smooth licensing process for your interns:

  • 12 AAC 52.220 PHARMACIST INTERNS: These regulations are listed on the Declaration of Sponsorship. It is your responsibility to be aware of them and implement them.
  • Verify the Intern License Prior to Start Date. This should be routine practice. You can do this on our website using the Professional License Search. Confirm the internship dates and sponsor are correctly identified on the license.
  • Post the Intern License at your Facility. The license itself, or a print out from the Professional License Search, must be posted in your facility prior to the start date. As above, confirm the internship dates and sponsor are correctly identified on the license.
  • Declaration of Sponsorship: This document must be received at the Division at least four weeks, and preferably six weeks, prior to the internship start date. This allows adequate time to route the Intern Questionnaire via postal mail, prior to issuing the license.
  • Intern Affidavit of Experience: This is required to be on file at the Division within thirty days after completion of the internship. The information from the Intern Affidavit is entered into the Intern’s permanent record and is frequently required for his/her future pharmacist licensing application(s).
How can I perform a Professional License Search?

Click the orange button at the top of this page. Note the “board” abbreviation is PHA. You have to open the Click Here dialogue box if you will be entering a License Type to find the correct abbreviation.

Is my license activity public record?

Yes, licensing records are public documents and available to members of the public upon written request and payment of copying fees. Information considered confidential and not releasable to the general public include social security numbers and other information considered confidential by state or federal law. Your address of record is public information and is displayed on the division’s online License Search. Licensees have expressed concern that their address is so readily available. Some licensees have elected to have a post office box or practice location for their official address of record to avoid having their residential address easily accessible. Please be advised that all notices from the Board (renewal notices, licenses, and other legal documents) will be mailed to the address of record provided.

Can I get a Temporary License?

Contact the Board of Pharmacy licensing examiner for temporary permit requirements or read 12 AAC 52.100 in the Pharmacy Statutes and Regulations book.

Do I meet the qualifications set forth in the Verification of Education for Intern Licensing?

Each blank line in Section B needs to be completed by your registrar. The number of hours of instruction includes your pre-pharmacy education. All of the following must be true to qualify for Intern licensing: Applicant has completed the third year of a five-year or six-year pharmacy curriculum; Applicant is actively pursuing completion of a pharmacy curriculum; Applicant is currently enrolled in the college.