Alaska State Board of Registration for
Architects, Engineers, and Land Surveyors

Examination Information


New Examination Procedures for FE/PE and FS/PS

The Division of Corporations, Business and Professional Licensing has contracted with NCEES to administer the FE, PE, FS, and PS examinations.  Applicants must apply to the 
Division for eligibility to sit for the exams, and after being approved by the board the approved candidate's name will be submitted to NCEES. Candidates will then be required to register for the exam at the NCEES website.

To request verification of your exam results and/or registration in Alaska, or to request verifications from other state boards, visit the NCEES License/Exam Verification web page.

TIME LINE for April 17-18 NCEES PE, PS and SE Examinations

December 8

NCEES registration opens.

January 22

February 13

Alaska Board deadline for first-time applicants.

Alaska Board deadline for retake applicants.

3:00 PM EST February 19

NCEES registration deadline – note the time!!

3:00 PM EST February 19

Deadline for examinees to submit ADA and Religious Accommodation requests to NCEES (refer to NCEES Web site for information).

3:00 PM EST February 19

Cancellation deadline for examinees.

2–3 weeks before exam

Exam authorizations available to candidates through their MyNCEES account (an email is sent as notification). If an examinee does not have access to their exam authorization, they should contact NCEES.

April 17-18, 2015

Exam administration.

Examination Fees

The Division will not be collecting examination fees. Examination fees will be paid directly to NCEES. The Division will continue to require payment of a $100 non-refundable application fee.

Examination Application Deadline

The completed application, application fee and all supporting documents must be received by the Division's Juneau office at least 14 days prior to each scheduled meeting of the Board. The completed application must be typed and notarized. The application form is available on this website. The board tentatively meets in February, May, August and November. Board meeting dates can be found on this website.

NCEES Exam Results: Next Steps


  • If you have passed the exam: Your score will be kept on file. Should you need verification for another state board in the future, you may request it from NCEES. If you require verification for an employer, please contact us directly at
  • If you have failed the exam: Currently, we are still on the manual retake system. You will need to contact us via email (only a written request is acceptable for a retake) to request approval to register for the next NCEES exam window.


  • If you have passed the exam: If all requirements have been completed, your license can usually be issued the week following receipt of the exam scores.
  • If you have failed the exam: You will need to contact us via email (only a written request is acceptable for a retake) to request approval to register when you wish to retake exam. The deadlines to request retakes are found in this section under Examination Schedule.

Retaking a Failed Exam

The Division charges no fee for retaking a failed examination, however, you will be required to pay the examination fee to NCEES. If you fail an exam and wish a retake, you must contact the division so we can verify that you are still eligible. We will then provide your name to NCEES and you will be given instructions on how to register at the NCEES website.

Postponing Exam

NCEES does not allow candidates to postpone examinations. NCEES will permit a partial refund of canceled exams, but only up to a deadline date established prior to each examination date.


Division staff will continue to administer the AKLS exam. The AKLS exam will be administered following the PS exam, usually in April.

Items not Permitted in Exam Room

Items not permitted in the exam room include loose-leaf paper, scratch paper, other unbound materials, and communication devices including but not limited to pagers, cellular phones, cameras, and recorders. Calculating and computing devices having a QWERTY keypad arrangement similar to a typewriter are not permitted. Cell phones are also not permitted in the exam room.

For more information on these national exams, please refer to the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) or visit NCEES website. You can also obtain a copy of the FE reference or the PE exam format by clicking on those titles.

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