Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Creating a myAlaska  Account for 
the ABC Written Orders Application


Go to and click Register for a myAlaska Account or just click Register for a myAlaska Account. See below.


To register for an account with myAlaska, fill in the new account information required below. You must have a valid email address. Next, read the user agreement. If you accept the agreement (required to use myAlaska), check the I accept the User Agreement box. Then click on the Start Registration button.


After you click Start Registration, you will be sent an email. This doesn’t take long. You must respond to the email within 24 hours to validate your new account. The email says:

This message was sent to you by a computer program, DO NOT REPLY to this message.

To continue with the registration process of your new myAlaska account, please verify your email address by visiting the following URL WITHIN 24 HOURS of registration:

If you do not confirm your email address by visiting the above URL during the NEXT 24 HOURS you will have to restart the myAlaska registration process.

If you do not confirm your account within 24 hours, you will need to create the account again.

When you click on the URL you will be taken to the myAlaska Account Confirmation screen.


Confirm your account by logging in with the user name and password you just entered.

Congratulations, you have a valid myAlaska account!

This is your Home page. Select View Your Services and scroll down to Services for Businesses.


The first item under Services for Businesses is a link to ABC Written Orders.

services fo rbusinesses

In the future this link will take you directly to the Add Order page, but on your first visit you have two easy additional steps.


Because the ABC Written Orders application is hosted by the Department of Commerce, you must agree to share your myAlaska information with us. It is the only way we can verify who you are.

Privacy Agreement

After you check off I Accept the Privacy Agreement, and click the Continue button you will be taken to the ABC Written Orders application where you have one more step.


This is where you enter the PIN you were given by ABC. The technical name of this PIN is Transfer Code.

One time code confirmation

After your PIN (Transfer Code) is accepted, you will go directly to the ABC Written Orders Add Order page. You only need to agree to the privacy form and enter your PIN once. After completing these steps once, you will go directly from myAlaska to the Add Order page every time you log in.

You can make your life easier by saving the link to the Add Order page to your browser Favorites.