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Alaska Statutes


Sec. 45.65.045. Emblem and emblem agent permits.

(a) The emblem authorized under AS 45.65.010 (b) may not be used without receiving a permit from the commissioner or from an agent who possesses a current permit under (b) of this section.

(b) A resident of the state may apply to the commissioner for a permit to act as an agent to issue permits to use the emblem. An agent may report alleged violations of AS 45.65.010 - 45.65.070 regarding emblems to the commissioner.

(c) The commissioner shall establish forms and fees for the applications and permits to be used or issued under this section, the period for which the permits are valid, and the procedures for renewing the permits.

(d) Before issuing a permit for an article under this section, the commissioner or the agent shall determine that the article is eligible for the emblem.