Alaska: not just another pretty place

Alaska's Film efforts have been broken into two sections:

  • The Alaska Film Production Promotion Program (this site) promotes filming in Alaska.
  • The Alaska Film Office within the Alaska Department of Revenue - Tax Division, is responsible for the Alaska film production tax credit. Please visit the Alaska Film Office for details on tax credits.

Alaska: a big state for the big (and small) screen!

The first thing to know is that Alaska is BIG. How big? Alaskans like to say that if you cut Alaska in half it would make Texas the third largest state. That's a lot of real estate - and a lot of different landscapes and ecosystems.

Across Alaska are a nearly unlimited number of potential filming locations - so unless you're looking for sun-baked cactus in the desert, Alaska can help realize your vision.

From alpine peaks to misty shorelines, quaint coastal towns to suburban neighborhoods, wide open tundra to deep dark forests, farms to fishing boats, glaciers to beaches, railroads to goldmines, year-round snow to barren sand dunes - Alaska has great locations for almost any project. And don't forget unbelievable natural light that ranges from a "magic hour" that lasts for several hours to summer sunshine that lasts 20 hours and more! Alaska's great locations deserve a good look by almost any film or TV project.


Experience: Crew members and Service Providers that know Alaska!

Shooting in Alaska can be different - let us help you find the people that will make your production safe and efficient, and just exciting enough. From location scouts/managers to grips and PAs our online crew database can help you find the folks you need - and because they're Alaskans, they'll be ready to work in Alaska conditions. You'll also need a variety of services like air, sea and land transportation; food and lodging; gear and equipment; accountants and guides - not to mention standard film services like hair and make-up; set design and construction, etc. etc. ...

   Our online listings are an invaluable resource for everything you'll need.


Incentives: designed to make Alaska even more attractive!

With a base rate of 30% on your Alaska ground spend and a 20% uplift for local hire (for a total of 50%), a 2% uplift for off-season shooting (October to March) and a 6% uplift for shooting in a rural areas, our incentive program offers up to 58% in a transferable tax credit to encourage projects to greenlight Alaska. With $200 million in tax credits available through 2018 and a minimum spend of only $75,000, most projects can qualify.

It's a great incentive - and we've worked hard to make it easy to access. We require qualification prior to start of production. Simply fill out our form and provide some additional paperwork: your estimated budget (including your Alaska spend); your proposed distribution plan; and a script or synopsis of your production. We'll review your project and give you an estimate of the tax credit you can expect.

Once you're qualified, get an Alaska Business License and start shooting. When you're wrapped, find an approved Alaska-licensed CPA to verify your Alaska expenses and submit your final paperwork along with a rough-cut of the project. Because Alaska's Film Industry Tax Credits are fully transferable, severable and valid for 6 years from date of issue, buyers of Alaska's tax credits are paying top dollar.

   All the details on Alaska's Incentive Program

Tax Credits: to help the bottom line of Alaska businesses!

Alaska's Film Industry Tax Credits are also a great resource for Alaskan businesses. Purchasing tax credits from producers provides an immediate savings on Alaska Corporate Income Taxes - and who doesn't want to save on their taxes? Tax credits are a great buy for business and a good source of revenue for filmmakers. Purchasing Alaska Film Industry Tax Credits also helps diversify Alaska's economy by bringing in a new industry that provides good jobs and that spends throughout the state on Alaska products and services.

   Information for Alaska Businesses



Alaska - not just another pretty place