Ms. Constance Chambers
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430 W. 7th Avenue, Suite 10
Anchorage, AK  99501
Certified ProductsClassApprovedExp. Date
71510 -
Books, curriculum guides, directories, magazines, pamphlets, periodicals, publications, reprints, etc.
Printing - Books short run printing
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
80176 -
Signs and posters, informational (no smoking, fire extinguisher, etc.)
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96611 -
Card printing: tab, post, form, etc.
Brochures, Calendars, Rackcards
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96622 -
Decal printing
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96636 -
Forms printing (not continuous)
Printing - Forms
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96660 -
Offset printing, large production runs (quan. up to 100,000); 4 color process or close registration required: color brochures, maps, etc.
Map Manufacturing
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96663 -
Offset printing, booklets, saddle stitch binding (quantities up to 100,000; 4 color process or tight registration required): books, magazines, etc.
Annual reports/Presentation folders
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96665 -
Offset printing, books, perfect bound (quan. up to 10,000); 4 color process acceptable: college catalogues, telephone books, etc.
Book Binding
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96666 -
Offset printing, books, perfect bound (quan. over 10,000); 4 color process acceptable
Books, Booklets, Ad Sheets, Newsletters
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016
96686 -
Specialty printing: die cutting, laser, plastic, thermography, etc. (folders, invitations, tabs, binders, banners, banner displays, etc.)
Printing - Electronic Laser Data Printing
Class III04/11/201410/01/2016