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Welcome to the Community Photo Library; brought to you as a public service by the Alaska Division of Community and Regional Affairs (DCRA).

DCRA recognizes the uniqueness of life in Alaska’s rural and urban communities. The Community Photo Library offers a glimpse into Alaska’s communities and lifestyle by providing images of places, people, cultural events, public facilities, landscapes, and other dimensions of community life.

Please familiarize yourself with DCRA’s usage policies, consent policy, and licensing agreements for Community Photo Library photos. Images can only be used in accordance with the policies and licensing agreements and proper photo credit must always be given. Please review the usage policy.

If you would like to post a photo that includes an individual or a group of individuals, the Division of Community and Regional Affairs photo policy states we must have consent from the individual(s) before we can post the photograph to our website. Please see the attached Policy Consent Form. Print the form, have the photographed individual(s) sign the form and fax or email the completed form to the fax number or email address listed below.

If you would like to add photos to the Community Photo Library, please contact:

Photo Editor

Phone: (907) 269-4556
Fax: (907) 269-4563
Email: Elizabeth.Manfred@alaska.gov

For other photos of Alaska, see the Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development’s Alaska Photo Library.

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