Community Database Online

Welcome to the new CDO!

The new version of the Alaska Community Database Online presents a summary of the most frequently asked questions about each community in Alaska. Please find community location, population, taxes, climate, history, culture, demographics, utilities, schools, health care, economy, transportation, and major contacts for our communities.

Community Information

The CDO is a compilation of published data from a variety of sources. Click "Metadata" to review the sources of each type of information, the year the data was collected, and when it was last updated. It’s recommended that you review information on the data that you are requesting.


Public Query System:

The Public Query System generates reports on multiple communities for comparison purposes.

Predefined Report:

Communities Report ?
The Communities Report has the attributes which are specific to communities, such as general information about the Economy, Population, etc.
Entities Report ?
There can be many public and private Entities within a community, such as a school district, power plant or health care provider. The Entities Report shows the entities in selected communities and their attributes.
Entity Addresses page
This page has Excel spreadsheets with lists of addresses. For example, there is a list of addresses of Alaskan Municipalities.


Advanced Search Options
Select from all the Community and Entity attributes. Specify report filters.

Please note: the Division of Community and Regional Affairs is currently migrating existing data into a new database format. Some data may not have migrated correctly and discrepancies may appear. We appreciate your help and review of your community's data to uphold information data integrity. If you encounter any incorrect information, please send an e-mail to:

          DCRA Research and Analysis

Thank you for your patience.